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Digital Marketing
Email + Social + Paid Media + Websites
It isn't every day we're fortunate to work with a restaurant group based within twenty minutes of our headquarters. When the leadership team at TAPS Fish House and Brewery came to us about becoming the marketing agency for their five restaurants in Southern California we leapt into the engagement fortunate to have been guests of their restaurants for many years. Beginning with a well-defined integrated marketing strategy, our work has continued to grow on and offline for each of their restaurants as we work to drive guest traffic.
Website Evolution
Mobile & Tablet Design & Development
Websites already existed for both TAPS Fish House and Brewery and The Catch which let Dreambox provide additional value developing extensive mobile-focused experiences to drive reservations and private dining requests.
Email Marketing
Uniquely designed for each initiative
A core element of our integrated marketing plan has been the ramp up of the TAPS Email club and looping in of our partners at Fishbowl. In addition to continuing to refine the brand voice we are able to drive initiatives year-round while promoting specific day-parts and locations through uniquely designed Email creative all tied into Google Analytics for extensive reporting by our Dreambox digital marketing team.
Social Media Marketing
Creative + Content Creation + Photography
If you've interacted with TAPS Fish House and Brewery on any digital channel you've made our day. Our digital marketing team is tasked with developing creative and compelling content to build brand visibility. Telling the brand's narrative also includes a significant amount of original photography performed by our team. Additionally, through our 'Every Guest, Every Time' guest retention service, we monitor social media for any guest interactions and engage rapidly and effectively to drive return visits and recover where necessary.
Exterior Design
Introduction to Brand
Billboards to business cards and all print-media in between has the Dreambox creative team designing all print-collateral for these three high-volume brands.
Advertising Campaigns
Conceptualizing to Execution and Reporting
Dreambox does more than make pretty things (yes we do that well). We are responsible for some of the most impactful, proven sales-driving campaign work nationally. Our work in this area begins with a careful adoption of the business objectives, planning and defining of the campaign and finally delivering on the campaign requirements to support creative, copy, technology, coordination and reporting. We are uniquely able to deliver disparate advertising campaigns on a per-brand, per-market or per-store level thanks to our partnerships with hyper-local partners and extensive lessons-learned.